The Leadership Circle


 Leadership Circle Profile

and Collective Leadership Assessment

 The only profile that measures both the outer game (competencies) and inner game (beliefs) that generate sustained change

  • Leadership Circle Profile (LCP) is the only 360-degree instrument that combines management style, personality, and competencies, into one comprehensive, accessible tool
  • The Collective Leadership Assessment (CLA) tells you how your people view their current leadership culture and compares that reality to the optimal culture that they want
  • Individual leaders and leadership teams in private or public organisations
  • Individuals or organizations that wish to improve the effectiveness of leadership and understand the underlying assumptions that drive it
  • Achieving strategic plans ahead of schedule
  • Improved productivity, creativity, quality and employee retention
  • Creating a common language across the organisation to onboard and develop leaders
  • LCP 360 assessments measuring leadership creative competencies and reactive tendencies
  • CLA measures across 31 dimensions of culture on the current and desired culture
  • Debrief by Ruth Dettman, certified in the LCP and CLA
Why the LCP and CLA:
  • Statistically valid with extensive psychometric analysis
  • Correlated to business performance
  • Different from other competency assessments, it makes a connection between habitual patterns of behaviour and the impact on  leadership effectiveness


Young woman spreading hands wide open wi

"You are professional, approachable, and honest"

"I have learnt a lot about myself.  My confidence in what I do and how I do it has improved substantially.


I have set goals that I never thought I would achieve and yet slowly I am achieving these goals.  I am managing my emotions with greater ease.

I really felt at ease with your coaching style and I felt like you were genuinely invested in improving my life at work and at home."

Lyndall, Brand Marketing Manager, WWF,

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