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I’m an international corporate and business coach and CPA with a career spanning over 20 years working with  businesses like PricewaterhouseCoopers, BHP, BP, TNT, Novartis and the UAE government.

With years spent deep in the heart of large corporates, I have consistently brought people together with conflicting agendas and found a way for us to work together and get the job done. In one particularly challenging role, I was brought on to bring together technical experts with egos that wouldn’t fit in the room.

Not only did we deliver the project, but the process we used was adopted globally. I know exactly what it takes to be successful in today’s full-throttle global organisations. With hundreds of hours working with senior and mid management clients in Australia, Europe, India, Africa, Singapore and the UAE, I help them become confident leaders in their field with balance in their lives.
I believe that coaching can all too often become a crutch, a ‘nice’ conversation, or just an undifferentiated spray of advice…In contrast I give people tools, knowledge and opportunities to become more self-aware and make better decisions for themselves and the organization. I tell coachees that their job is to put me out of a job!

I regularly speak to women’s groups on topics ranging from self-confidence to finding their voice. I am a coach faculty member of the Ludic Group (UK) and WWA Coaching (UAE), a credentialed member of the International Coaching Federation (US) and the Association of Coaching (UK) as well as a Chartered Professional Accountant (Canada).

My clients say...

"Ruth's coaching has brought me so much good. By asking deeper questions, the mind starts to release better thoughts, insights, answers and decisions.  I have also learned to slow down but that does not mean that I am giving up.  On the contrary, I have started to find a balance in doing.  I have started to systematically bring new ways and ideas of working and new ways of thinking in my life. I have a more concrete structure in my work and personal life.  I saw the actions that needed more emphasis and balance. My prioritizing skills have improved a lot." Country Manager, Novartis

“Ruth constantly challenged me to achieve my potential by asking ‘why not’ if she felt I was capable of more, or just asking ‘why?’ if she felt I was proposing to do something that may be incompatible with my values.  She helped me define my purpose, what I value and translate that into reality, encouraging me to set SMART goals which she held me accountable to.” Female Senior Manager, Australian Government

"I have a great deal of gratitude for Ruth's passion and professionalism!" Big 4 Female Manager

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